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Online on www.getsiwon.com. If you are having issues with your online order, reach to us and we’ll be more than happy to help.
We deliver to every country in Europe. The list is expanding every day!
This is our way of reminding you that it’s time to top up on our products, and save some money while you do so. You can choose one of our packs and we’ll make sure that they’re delivered to your home every month, shipping included in the overall price.

Our team is available to help from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm (CET). We’ll try our best to solve any queries as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that our customer care service is not available during Madrid bank holidays, but we’ll be there to help on the next working day.

Payments & shipping

Payments can be processed with Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. If, for any reason, you cannot complete your order, contact us at ask@getsiwon.com, because... that’s what we’re here for!.
Unfortunately, no. Sorry, at the moment we don’t accept those payment types.
Send us an email at ask@getsiwon.com as soon as possible with the order number and the cancellation or modification request that you’d like to carry out. We’ll do everything possible to amend your order, but keep in mind that if the order has already been shipped or prepared in our warehouse, it won’t be possible to cancel or modify.
Oops! Send us an email at ask@getsiwon.com with the order number and the affected products and we’ll solve the issue as soon as possible. You don’t have to worry about anything and it’ll be free of charge.

Yes, please write to us at ask@getsiwon.com with the order number that you’d like to return. Our customer service team will be in touch and will instruct you on how to carry out the return.

Please keep in mind that you cannot return an order if the limit of 14 days has been exceeded and we don’t accept returns of open or used products, or products that are not in their original packaging. Once the order has been returned and checked, the refund will be processed immediately with the same payment method as it was purchased with. In this case you only have to pay for the costs of returning the product to our warehouse.

We know you want to enjoy Siwon ASAP. We process orders and dispatch them every working day with deliveries in 48/72 hours within the peninsula (Spain & Portugal).

No worries. The delivery company will try to leave a notice through your letterbox or they will notify you via SMS, email or phone. Also, we will send you an email to notify you when your order has been shipped with all the information you need to track your package.

If you have any problems with the delivery of your order, please contact our customer care at ask@getsiwon.com and we’ll help you get in touch with the delivery company to arrange an alternate delivery date/time.

Yep! When you’re making the order simply fill out the name, address and phone number (important for delivery) of the person you’d like to receive the order.

Siwon products

On the packaging of the product you will find the PAO symbol under which there is a number printed. This is the recommended number of usable months from the moment the product is opened. In our hydrogel masks, you won’t be able to find this number, and that’s because the Heroes’ Recharging Mask are one use only. Once used, please dispose.
Yes, but don’t be fooled. If your products are made in Europe, they must be cruelty free by law. Even if it wasn’t regulated we would choose to be cruelty free… it’s logical and sensible. Nothing to make a fuss about.
Generally, no. We try our absolute best to avoid them, but it’s not always that simple. If we’re being honest, we prefer the opinion of chemists, pharmacists and sanitary authorities to what certain ‘natur-extremist’ say. If it’s safe, effective, and good for your skin, we put it in.
This is really up to personal preference, and although some of them are fantastic, we’re not really fans of chucking in oils that are greasy on the skin. Is it irrational? Maybe.
For us  fragrance, colours and textures are like seasoning on your food, and we don’t like making bland meals. However, we do prefer minimal fragrances (we’re not really about smelling like a swimming pool). Our products have non-greasy textures, and they’re all dermatologically tested to minimise allergic reactions.

Siwon Club

SIWON CLUB is our exclusive VIP members programme. One of the many ways in which we treat and pamper our Siwon community.
Yes dude. 💃Remember to be logged in when you make an order to accumulate points (siwoners).
Siwoners (옷) are our very own currency. You can earn them by doing certain tasks and can redeem them for cash discounts when you make orders.
There’s different ways of earning them, from following us on social to making orders. In the ‘CLUB’ section of our website you’ll have the conversion table.
Yes, they expire after two years. But don’t worry, we’ll send you an email before they expire to remind you to use them.