Who are we

In Korean, Siwon means ‘cool’, ‘trendy’, and even ‘fresh’, so you can tell what we’re about.

We're a brand dirty-minded yet conscience clean people. For those of us that want to take care and improve with actual results but carefree of obsessions.

Siwon, we do cool right

1 min summary

Positive Karma points

This is our open diary of commitments to ourselves and to those who reads us.

This is us

This is what we tell everyone who works with us.

The bare-core

We took many things from granted.

Without those bare minimums we would not even dare to play this game of cosmetics.

But, sometimes, is worthwhile going over them for you to know.

What inspired us to start this party?

We think there’s few things in life worth stressing over… but for that worth, we go all-in.

Creating WOW moments

We all came to this planet to enjoy experiences that make your cheeks hurt.

Embrace your imperfections

Because even though we’re all about having a thick skin, we all have those days where we’re not 100%... our ups, our downs, our edges… and the right to feel right and improve every day.

Grounded laughs

Understanding that beauty is only skin deep, we would rather choose warmth, good vibes, and a being a bit cheeky as a way of living, not at odds with doing things the right and kind way.

And who is behind all this racket?
Pedro Ilustración Pedro Foto
Manu Ilustración Manu Foto

This brand is set up by business partners Manu & Pedro, two guys full of excitement at the thought of chucking some good karma points back into the world.

… We hope that you’re as thrilled about this as we are.