Open diary of positive karma points to the world

If you are reading this, thak you. You are right now that buddy that pushes your limits at the gym, takes you out when you do not feel like it, encourages you to make the first move with a crush…. Or just simply pushes your buttons to take action.

This is our open diary of commitments with ourselves and with the people that reads us like you:


We make it public not to brag or the medals


We make it public to commit in front of you to make things better everyday

There are way too many relevant causes worth fighting for. We decided to chose few, concrete and measurable yearly goals, track them ant tell you if we did succeed or not achieving them. Come back once in a while since this would be changing.
What drive is in 2021?
Picos de Europa
1. Offset our carbon footprint

We want to leave a mark on your skin because of our product's joy, not on the planet because of what we pollute

ut, no matter how 'green' we want to be, any project like ours pollutes: manufacturing, packaging, taking the products to you ... we cannot avoid all these emissions (yet). 

What we can do is make up for it. That is where we have partnered with Reforestum

For every € 50 you spend in Siwon, we plant a pine in your name.
Fundación Eddy
2. Be a speaker for relaxed masculinities

We like people that do not get in their heads too much wiht what it means to be a man and that are always in an explorer mode, gamer and without prejudices. 

That is why we support gender, sexual, psycho-emotional or neurodivergence equality causes... which make it more common every day to speak up freely about everything and drop the little backpacks we all come with and that weigh more than they contribute.

This year, we started supporting those who are experiencing the worst and we collaborate with the Eddy Foundation that welcomes young victims of family violence, bullying and LGTBIphobia.

We donate sales celebrating the Family Day, International LGBT Pride Day and Christmas campaigns, along with participating in their fundraising and message amplification events.